Sept 14th
CTMP Design Auction


by Marsèll

Marsèll has a long history of expanding the boundaries of research and expression in design.



by Maria Cristina Didero

I believe in long-term. Long term planning, long term researching, and most of all long term relationships. Both in my personal and professional lives, I am ready to be surprised but I love driving on the same road. doesn’t represent a taste or a concept, doesn’t reproduce an ideal home, MC DIRECT aims to represent a community of very diverse individuals that share a common way of being in the world. You can call them adventurers, you can call them experimenters; I look at their work and I found all the positive values anyone should adopt to contribute to a better world.


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by House of Today

Five Lebanese contemporary object designers (Roula Salamoun, Tamara Barrage, Stephanie Moussallem, Mary-Lynn Massoud & Rasha Nawam) with different backgrounds, practices and aesthetic sensibilities, propose seven variations of a table and complimentary accompaniments. Some explorations yield more recognizable translations of form/function, others ask to be perceptibly and tangibly reinterpreted. All play with the many senses of SURFACE.


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by Wonderglass

For this special Capsule, WonderGlass selected a series of exclusive Editions and Limited Editions pieces that not only tell the story of the brand, but also highlight and value the always evolving point of balance between design and art. The nature of glass is just handcrafted, the material permeates singularity in itself and two pieces will never be identical, making them unique.


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